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The reader is king

Efficient, optimised processes that cater to highly diverse target readerships with vastly different needs – an impossible feat? Or simply a question of finding the right approach? We go looking for answers.

One solution for multiple target groups

People only read what interests them. Deference to the individual characteristics of different target groups is therefore crucial for effective communication – as is the convincing presentation of exciting and credible content. At the same time, the production processes used to create the communication materials should be systematic, automated, optimised and ultimately contribute towards a coherent whole.

AFG  AFG Online

AFG understands this and develops all kinds of communications services for different readerships using tools from Neidhart+Schön. It delivers an effective and unified corporate look, from employee magazines to customer magazines and company reports.

  AFG TogetherAFG GeschäftsberichtAFG World

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The moral of the story? You have to create a consistent customer experience! The only way to efficiently and effectively satisfy different demands at the same time is through dedication to consistent storytelling and target group-appropriate display formats, such as responsive design for online applications.

Keen to consolidate your expertise in this area? And increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication? Hans Preuss will be happy to help.