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The optimal solution for consistent production of your publications according to an online first strategy – for efficient and effective storytelling.

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Online first
Let your imagination run wild and convey your message efficiently across all channels. With (workflow on web) you can shape the digital transformation in corporate publishing. is a simple tool that consolidates and publishes editorial content on the web in a format that is fully responsive on all digital channels. It's ideally suited for business reports and magazines.

... but also in print
Print-ready PDFs can be generated automatically. On request, we can also generate even the most sophisticated print PDFs from the web content. With, you benefit from a multi-channel solution that enables the optimal production of your annual report or magazines – both online and in print. Erklärvideo

Dynamic processes
Unlike a traditional web CMS, in which content is entered into pre-defined static templates, our new solution supports the editorial process with revisions, even in multiple languages.

Technical expertise offers an online WYSIWYG editor, an essential tool for our customers. In addition, we are working to develop various modules to expand the editor’s capabilities with specific functions to mirror our established ns.publish system, such as the finance plus or translate plus modules.

Increased efficiency
Systematic and automated processes significantly simplify your editorial processes, prevent bottlenecks and enable around the clock editing. The tool allows you to create a systematic workflow and improve efficiency.



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Philippe Kaufmann
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