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The intelligent solution for carrying out cross-media campaigns.


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Integrated system
ns.connect combines web, e-mail, social media and print media and provides you with an integrated tool for measuring your success in real time. So you’ll always be able to keep tabs on how your campaign is progressing.

Diverse areas of application
ns.connect lets you easily, quickly and efficiently carry out cross-media campaigns tailored to your target groups. Whether it’s a direct e-mail campaign, a product launch, an event invitation, a competition or the distribution of your publications via an on-demand platform: your customers will be personally addressed like never before.

System benefits
Using this databank-based tool, you can carry out, personalise and automate your campaigns and keep an eye on all your activities and customer responses in real time.

As a market leader in the publishing systems sector and a general contractor in the areas of consultation, project management, production and systems, our ns.connect software unites the individuality and interactivity of electronic media with the benefits, look and feel of high-quality printed products. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and comprehensive services! Media convergence, not media disruption.

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