Design is the bridge between content and reader

Apr 11, 2018
In an interview with CLS Communication, Reto Schneider, CEO NeidhartSchön, answers questions about the design, concept and trends of annual reports.

Why is a strategic orientation and integration into the overall communication concept so important when preparing an annual report? Which design criteria should a report meet at a minimum? And why is there no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to design?

Answers to these questions as well as further topics - such as choosing the right channel and concept, are presented in the interview. With the credo "reduce to the max" our agency NeidhartSchön aims at creating annual report solutions that convince visually and create synergies between the online and print world.

And where is reporting heading in the future?
 Towards a balance between design and functionality
 Haptic and physical experiences become more important again (e.g. as annual report magazines, summaries and leaflets)
 Multimedia content and designs are becoming even more central. Content must become more reusable.
 Illustrations and information graphics for the visualization of complex facts will gain importance.

Read the interview here (German only).

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