Conclusions on the employee magazine of the future

Apr 06, 2018
Insights from our campaign "Employee magazine - Quo vadis?" is now summarized by the trade magazine M+K

Research, workshops and roundtable discussions with experts show these and other exciting results:

Two approaches: Information versus Collaboration
On the one hand, there is efficient and collaborative communication between employees (for example in the form of platforms). The other approach is informative (and increasingly involving) communication between the company and its employees (for example in the form of employee magazines). Both approaches clearly put employees in the center of attention.

The question of the right channel and campaign thinking
Increasingly the management of individual measures, such as the employee magazine, is less important than "thinking in campaigns". Linking a variety of channels across the different information stags is a promising strategy. The print edition is often under scrutiny, but still plays an important role in the media mix.

Read the complete M+K article here (German only).

For further information, you can order our workshop handout (German only) - including a procedure model for successful storytelling via your employee magazine.

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